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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in fee efficient investments and tax aware location. Our portfolios are constructed using a global asset allocation to gain exposure to three primary regions: United States, International Developed Markets, and International Emerging Markets.

We don't let noise rule our emotions

We're not interested in trying to time the markets , and we don't let the background noise distract from our investment policy. Portfolios are allocated based on risk tolerance and risk capacity, and are rebalanced to a target amount using rules, rather than emotions.

SIZE, matters.

We believe that certain 'factors' can provide a positive influence on the performance of a portfolio.

For equity investments, we subdivide our global allocation to allow us to capture the 'Size Factor' that is associated with small cap firms. These exist as satellite positions or 'tilts' within the broader portfolio.

Tailored to you

We're large enough to have institutional relationships with Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade Institutional, but as are a boutique firm, we are also able to offer tailored portfolios that can incorporate existing investments and help risk adjust positions that are illiquid or have high tax concentration.

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