Financial Planner Associate

Team: Advisory

Role Details

This is an entry level role in our financial planning team. We appreciate applicants with undergrad or graduate degrees in financial planning, and familiarity with financial planning concepts and software gained from college or from work experience. However, we value more the ability to think creatively about financial planning and to find innovative solutions to client needs.

We do not create cookie-cutter plans. Everything that we deliver to the client must serve a clear purpose in aiding them to solve current problems or to reach the next level of their financial freedom.

The ideal candidate will have the ability to manage complex topics and help create clear solutions. We are happy for you to work in a client facing role or behind the scenes, wherever your strengths are best.

Skill Details

The core skills required are the ability to:

Designations (if you don't have one of these, progress towards it will be expected as part of your role):

This is a salaried, full time position. Location, virtual. There is no expectation for any sales skills for this role.

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